My life is falling apart at the seams
It's coming undone in the weft and the weave
It's frayed at the cuffs, got rips in the knees
The pockets have holes in the zipper has seized

It's past repair the buttons fell off
The fabric's too thin now to sew them back on
And it's far too far gone to patch up all the wrongs
So I'm in search of a new one.

My life's in bits and it's across the floor
There's nut's and there's bolts and there's wires and there's more
Springs and there's clips and there's bits of old hose
but I'm damned if I know where it's all supposed to go

I lost the manual then took it to pieces
I wish that I hadn't 'cause it won't be easy
To fix, still I don't have that much of a choice
I removed a sticker the warranties void

My life's in a mess and it needs to be cleaned
This bed's not been made now for hundreds of weeks
Everything needs a good hovering
But the stains on the carpet they're well trodden in

There's dust piling up on piles of old stuff
On dusty old shelves and there's dust on the dust
Filth and dirt abounding, clutter, squalor and rubbish
I don''t know how I let my life end up like this

I must have been careless.


from 2013 The bleak album, released December 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Ed Ache UK

Evening all... My name is Ed Ache. I was the singer songwriter in (Now defunct) East Anglian punk band 'I.C.H'. Since leaving 'I.C.H' I have joined 'The Domestics' as their second guitarist, and am writing collaboratively with Simon from (Also defunct) 'The Dead Batteries' in the awesome 'Casual Nausea'. I make solo acoustic recordings, and gig as often as possible. Any enquiries please e-mail me. ... more

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