The bitterest love song

I should thank you for a thousand love
And broken heart and hate tunes
I should thank you for the good times
And the shit you made me crawl through
My discovery of drugs, killed my libido
My discovery of drugs and you

I love you. I'd love to hate you,
Though I hate to admit defeat
Try as I might I can't disguise my love or jealousy.
Emotional blackmail might be effective
But it's lacking dignity.
Loves for mugs it's really not for me

You kept me hanging, You kept me hanging
Filling me with false hope with that carrot you were dangling
The politics of emotions is poetry in motion
But the truth is I'm a better off aloner

So this goes out to all the ones I loved that got away
This goes out to those I couldn't wait to get away from
This goes out to anyone that I've still yet to come
I thank you kindly
Wish you well kiss you goodbye
And then I am gone.


from 2013 The bleak album, released December 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Ed Ache UK

Evening all... My name is Ed Ache. I was the singer songwriter in (Now defunct) East Anglian punk band 'I.C.H'. Since leaving 'I.C.H' I have joined 'The Domestics' as their second guitarist, and am writing collaboratively with Simon from (Also defunct) 'The Dead Batteries' in the awesome 'Casual Nausea'. I make solo acoustic recordings, and gig as often as possible. Any enquiries please e-mail me. ... more

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